Möel Concept puts at your disposal an online shopping service that allows you to buy through your computer the articles of the best European designer furniture brands, in turn, you can enjoy exclusive promotions and discounts.

Also, we invite you to read the general conditions of sale that regulate the purchase of products through our website. They are intended to define the conditions established between Convexprime, LDA and the User, from the moment the user places the order and purchases up to the various services provided by Convexprime, LDA, including the payment methods and the conditions of delivery of the products .

These conditions govern all the necessary steps to place the order and purchase.


Möel Concept is a registered trademark of Convexprime, LDA.

These conditions are agreed between the company Convexprime, LDA with headquarters Rua Pedro Vaz de Eça, 6 - Loja A, Freguesia de Esgueira, Aveiro P-3800-322. The unique legal and tax number 514988975, hereinafter referred to as "Convexprime, LDA" and among any person of legal age or legal person wishing to make a purchase through the Möel Concept website, telephone +351 234 032 552, mail or email, hereinafter referred to as "User".

Orders will be sent within the continent and the Madeira and Azores archipelagos.


If the user resides outside the delivery areas mentioned above and wishes to make a delivery abroad, you can check the website that will inform you of the foreign commercial sites of the Möel Concept® brand that receives your order. These general conditions apply to visitors to the site, as well as to any commercial transaction made through the Möel Concept online store available on the site. The parties agree that their relationships will be governed solely by the general conditions described herein.




The articles offered on this website are a selection of products for the home, offices, shops, garden and any other space that needs to be furnished and meet high quality standards.

Each product is published on the website with the following information:
Article name
Article Image
Description of the article
Available sizes and colors
Cleaning instructions

Möel concept is not responsible if the user uses products not indicated for the purpose of the product as such.

Möel Concept made a great effort to show the colors and finishes of the pieces in the closest way to reality. However, the colors of the parts that appear on the screen may be subject to variations, depending on the quality of your computer monitor. Therefore, Möel Concept cannot guarantee that the colors that appear on your computer are identical to the real one.

Special offers, promotions or discounts will be valid until the date indicated or until the end of existence.

Möel Concept makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on the website is complete, true and correct. If there is an error in the data, Möel Concept will immediately make the correction.


You can place your order online at, by phone, by email or by mail.
To place the order through our website, you must follow the following steps:
1. The items you wish to purchase must be added to the shopping cart by clicking on “add to cart” before this you must select the product details (color, size, finishes among others).

2. The shopping cart will contain the reference of the selected items, the name, the dimensions, the finishes, the color previously chosen and the price in euros (taxes included) the indicated price does not include transport, the rate of which varies depending on the selected shipping method.

3. Having all the purchase items previously selected and before confirming the same, the user is shown a summary of the order identifying the item (s) purchased (s), the total price (transportation and taxes included) ) with each of the selected items and the data of the shipment of the order, for the user to confirm, then click on the button "Finish order" to go to the billing and payment step.

4. To checkout your order and payment of the products, the user must carry out the registration process at and must provide for this purpose and for billing purposes certain personal data, which will be incorporated into our database with The objective of being able to process the order, billing, payment and facilitate future purchases through this web page. For this purpose, the user must complete all the mandatory fields of the registration and billing form. The data provided by our users will be treated under the provisions of our privacy policies. Once registration is complete, Convexprime, LDA will assign you a user number. Only users of legal age or legal persons can create an account on the site The user may access at any time the personal data provided and the information of the orders placed. Convexprime, LDA reminds users that personal data must be accurately indicated in order to avoid confusion or incidents in the delivery of the items to be purchased. Apart from that, if requested only by the user, he or she will receive information and publications regarding Möel Concept by mail and / or SMS.

If you are already a registered user, you must identify yourself by entering your email address, as well as your password.

You can also register, obtain your customer number and place your order by phone, in which case your personal data and your order data collected by the telephone operator.

5. You must fill in all requested billing fields.

6. Choose payment method.

Purchases may be paid by credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and through MBway, PayPAl, payment for services or by transfer. Other forms of payment other than those already presented in the conditions of sale are not accepted. For payments by credit card, it will be made online, this is in real time, through the payment platform of the corresponding financial entity, if the data presented by the user is correct.

Confirmed the transaction, communicate through the website itself or information number, to follow up the order.

An automatic order confirmation email will also be sent to you, for the email address indicated by the user, as a description of the order and with the personal data provided by the user for the receipt notice. If you do not receive this message by email, it could be due to a problem with network communications or an error in the transcription of the email given by the user. In both cases, Convexprime LDA recommends that the user contact us through our contacts. The user will be informed by email when the product is sent.

The validation of the order implies that the User has noticed and expressly accepts these General Conditions of Distance Sale, available for consultation on the site As well as the prices and the description of the products available for sale.


In accordance with Decree Law No. 7/2004 of January 7 (modified by Decree Law No. 62/2009 of March 10 and by Law No. 46/2012 of January 29, Convexprime LDA reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the order when there is a programming error, malfunction of the computers in, as well as if the contractual proposal deforms its destiny and the error is related to an essential element of the contract.

When the security system that the order was fraudulent.

If there are reasons that indicate that the user is a minor
The case in which Convexprime LDA cannot deliver the order at the authorized address

Convexprime LDA will reimburse in full the amounts that were paid.


All products published on this website are purchased under the order mode, Möel Concept does not handle products in stock for immediate delivery.



All prices published on the website will be reflected in euros with taxes and fees included. The prices shown take into account the VAT applicable on the date of the invoice. Any modification of the applicable VAT rate will be reflected in the product prices.

The prices announced on the site do not include shipping costs, which will be indicated to the user before the order is validated.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. However, once the order has been validated, the prices cannot be modified.

Despite our best efforts, some products may have an incorrect price, which is why Convexprime, LDA checks prices when processing orders. If the price of the product is below the advertised price, Convexprime, LDA will refund the difference. If the price is higher, Convexprime, LDA will inform the User of such situation by email and await its decision to accept the new offer or cancel the order within 15 days from the date on which the User was notified.


Möel Concept offers several payment methods for your orders.

- With credit card (Visa and Mastercard);

Your order details and your card details will be sent, encrypted, to the bank on the date of your order.

- With Multibanco:

When you choose this method of payment, you will receive an SMS and an email with the details to pay at an ATM or Homebanking service on the Internet. Upon receiving the data you have 3 days to make the payment. If you do not do it within this period, the order will be suspended.

- With MB WAY:

With MB WAY you can pay for your order quickly and conveniently through your smartphone, simply with an MB WAY account. MB WAY orders will only be processed after payment confirmation. For more information or to learn how to create an account, see this page:

- With PayPal:

One of the most used payment methods in online shopping worldwide. You must first have a PayPal account. For more information or to create an account, see this page:
If you choose this payment method, the order amount will be charged at the end of the order.
This payment method is not applicable in the case of an order placed by postal mail or by phone.

The customer will have a period of 3 days, from the date he placed his order to make the payment. The order will not be considered accepted until the confirmation of the payment is made effectively and that the payment was received, if the Indian term expires and Convexprime LDA does not receive the corresponding value, the order will be canceled.


In order to give maximum security the maximum security to the payment system Convexprime LDA uses a secure payment system of leading financial entities in electronic commerce. In this sense, confidential payment data is transmitted directly and in an encrypted form (SSL) to the corresponding financial entity.

For payment with Visa, MasterdCard credit cards. Convexprime, LDA accepts CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) transactions with the international Secure 3D protocol distinguished by the Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecuredCode. Secure Electronic Commerce is an initiative whose basic principle is to guarantee the security of transactions on the internet.

When making payment through Secure Payment platforms, the system automatically certifies that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. Next, the issuing bank will be contacted, which will request that you authorize the operation through a personal authentication code.

The operation will only be carried out if the bank issuing the credit card confirms the collection of authentication. Otherwise, the transaction will be rejected. With the aim of collaborating in the prevention of fraud through the Internet, Convexprime, LDA reserves the right to verify the personal data submitted by the client, and to adopt the measures it deems appropriate (including the cancellation of the order) so that the Merchandise is delivered according to the data contained in the order.


The customer expressly agrees that the issuance of the invoice is in electronic format. In the event that the client wishes to receive a printed invoice, he may request it at any time, by contacting our contacts published on the website.



The delivery time of each product will depend on the manufacture of the brands announced at

The cost of expenses depends on the volume of the product and the area from which it is requested.

All products will be on request, once the user has made the payment of the cost of the product and the respective shipment.

Production times vary by brand, you can see the specification of the production time in the specifications of each product, before making the purchase.

If you have more than one product in your shopping cart, they will arrive at different times as indicated above.

Orders can be delivered:

Möel Concept delivers your order where you want it. Simply enter the desired address on the order form or by phone to our assistants.

- Delivery in the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores

Bulk items for exclusive home delivery are not available for delivery to the islands

To control the order status, the User can call Möel Concept Customer Service at the following number: +351 234 032 552 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. at 6 p.m. (These schedules are subject to change).

Exchange policies and returns


All items can be exchanged or returned. The user benefits from a period of 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of the articles to prove their articles.

Convexprime, LDA. You will only be responsible for the return and return charges if there is an internal error and the product shipped does not correspond to the order, if the product has a defective origin and has been damaged during shipping. When requesting that the collection of the items be returned, the customer must send a photograph to the previous email to verify their status.

In the return and exchange of items, the User must meet the following conditions:

Return of items in good condition, with complete original packaging and accompanied by its original invoice, proof of return duly completed and without signs of actual use; All items will be verified upon arrival at our service and will only be accepted for exchange or return of those that meet the return conditions.

In case of return of all items, if the order has given the User the right to a gift, the gift must also be returned.


The user who intends to make a return through the home collection service must request it online via email or to our contacts published on the website Once the request is confirmed, the transport company will contact the user to define the day and time of the product search.

 This service is not available for the Madeira and Azores archipelagos.


In the case of a request for reimbursement of an item purchased at a reduced price due to a special offer, Convexprime, LDA. will refund the amount actually paid by the user and not the total amount.

When the refund occurs, Convexprime, LDA will proceed as follows:

For amounts paid by credit card, PayPal will be refunded for the same payment method. In the case of amounts paid through Multibanco and MBWay, the refund will be made by bank transfer, if the User has indicated by IBAN. Refunds resulting from exchange orders will always be made by IBAN.



The user number is strictly personal. The loss or forgetting of this number must be reported to Customer Service at or +351 234 032 552

The online indication of the bank card number and the final validation of the application will constitute the proof, in accordance with the legal provisions and will allow the enforceability of these amounts.

The validation of the purchase order implies that the User has noticed and expressly accepts these General Conditions of Distance Sale, available for consultation at

The data recorded by Möel Concept® is evidence of the set of transactions made between Convexprime, LDA and the User. It is the responsibility of Convexprime, LDA, to file the electronic document in which the contract is formalized and keep it accessible.


All products sold on the site comply with Portuguese law.

Convexprime, LDA is not responsible for damages resulting from interference, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions or disconnections of the operating system that may temporarily prevent access, navigation or the provision of services to the User.

Convexprime, LDA declines any responsibility for any delay or inability to process the order, particularly in the act of delivery, due to an error or insufficient data communicated by the User. Similarly, Convexprime, LDA is not responsible if the breach of its obligations is attributable to an unforeseeable or insurmountable act of a third party or to a case of force majeure.



The person responsible for data protection and processing is Convexprime, lda. ("Möel Concept"), with NIF number 514988975. The contact details of Möel Concept are as follows:

- Postal address: Rua Pedro Vaz de Eça, 6 - Shop A, Esgueira Parish, Aveiro P-3800-322.

- Telephone: +351 234 032 552

- Email:


MÖEL may collect the following personal information of the users of the MÖEL website through the corresponding forms: name, email address, postal address, telephone number, date of birth, sex and credit card (PAN + CVV2) In compliance with PCI DSS standards or account number (provided by the customer in case of return), when you visit the WEB, register, place an order online, communicate with MÖEL or participate in promotions or inquiries of MÖEL.

MÖEL also collects all the information about your web browsing and your interaction with the brand.
All personal data collected by MÖEL comes from the interested person, except contact information, which can be provided by friends or family:

- To send a check or other offer.

- To share bookmarks stored on the web.

For what purpose do we treat personal data?

The personal data of the interested party will be processed for the following purposes, depending on the situation:

- Manage and develop the web registry. Registration will imply profiling the user's web browsing. Said elaboration consists in the use of the personal data of the client and the navigation information, such as the products seen or added to the shopping cart, the visited web sections, the location to evaluate your preferences or personal interests for the purpose. We offer you the web content, offers, services and products that fit your profile.

- Manage and develop online purchases. We use the client's personal information to process and deliver your order and to inform you by email and / or SMS about the status of your order.

- Manage and send information about exclusive promotions, latest news and personalized information adapted to the profile, interests and needs of the interested party as a client, through email, SMS, postal mail or any other communication channel and / or digital platform. The sending of this information will imply the creation of user profiles that consist of the use of personal data, the history of your purchases, if necessary, as well as web browsing information to evaluate certain aspects of your personal preferences in order to We offer commercial communications that fit your profile. If necessary, certain personal information of the client can be used to personalize communications in digital media.

- The content, products or services will be adapted to the client, according to their interests. To manage communications, see the "Subscriptions" section in My Account.

- Respond to the rights form, as well as inquiries and complaints.

- Manage the alerts service for when a particular article is available on the web.

- Management and issuance of sales documents: digital book, sales invoice.

How long will we keep the data?

MÖEL will store personal data only for a reasonably necessary period of time, taking into account the need to answer any questions that may arise or solve problems, make improvements, activate its services and comply with the requirements required by applicable law. . This means that you can keep personal data for a reasonable period of time, even after you have stopped using MÖEL services or have stopped using the Web. After this period, personal data will be blocked on all MÖEL systems.


MÖEL has the following legitimate bases to process personal data:

Execution of the contract

The legal basis for the processing of personal data collected by the interested party is the execution of the sales contract. In this sense, the interested party is obliged to provide the necessary data for its execution. If you do not provide us with this information, it will not be possible to buy and sell.

Legal obligations
The management and issuance of the sales invoice is based on the legal obligation of MÖEL in its relationship with customers.

In relation to the following purposes, the legal basis for the processing of the personal data of the person concerned will be their consent, if they have been provided:

- Web registration management.

- Management of sending information about exclusive promotions, latest news and personalized information adapted to the profile of the interested party.

- Response to the exercise of ARCO + rights, inquiries and complaints by the interested party.

- Management of web availability alerts service.

- Management and issuance of the following sales documents: digital receipt.

The withdrawal of the consent of these treatments by the interested party will not affect the execution of the sales contract concluded between him and MÖEL.

Legitimate interest

For the following purposes, the legal basis for the processing of the personal data of the interested party will be the legitimate interest of MÖEL:

- Preparation of web browsing profiles of a registered user, as well as all those users who have provided us with their data for any other purpose.

- The elaboration of profiles to send information about exclusive promotions, latest news and personalized information adapted to the profile of those interested.

- Sending satisfaction surveys on products purchased or services used by MÖEL customers to request their opinion and improve them.

It is our legitimate interest to ensure that our website remains secure, as well as to help MÖEL understand the needs, expectations and level of user satisfaction and thus improve services, products and brands. All these actions are designed to improve customer satisfaction and ensure a unique browsing and shopping experience.

The personal data of the interested party can be transferred / communicated to the following recipients:

- Administrations and public bodies when required by taxes, work, social security or any other applicable regulations.

- Data processing companies, such as franchisees and suppliers that provide services to MÖEL (courier companies, communications companies, agencies, profiling companies, etc.).

International data transfers can also be made in relation to previous assignments / communications for which MÖEL will use the standard contractual clauses adapted by the European Commission and the EU-EE Privacy Shield. UU. As a guarantee of those transfers to countries where it is not found. An adequacy decision of the European Commission. In any case, the third parties with whom certain personal data are shared will have previously accredited the adoption of appropriate technical and organizational measures for their correct protection.

In no case MÖEL sells customer data to third parties.


The WEB uses information security techniques, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms, all to prevent unauthorized access to data and ensure the confidentiality of data. To achieve this, you agree that MÖEL obtains data for the corresponding authentication of the access controls.

In addition, any transaction made through the WEB will be carried out through secure payment systems. Confidential payment data is transmitted directly and in encrypted form (SSL) to the corresponding entity.
MÖEL declares that it has taken all the necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and integrity of the personal data it processes, as well as to prevent its loss, alteration and / or access by unauthorized third parties.


You have the following rights, which can be exercised at INFO@MOELCONCEPT.PT:
Right of access: you have the right to be confirmed whether or not we are processing the personal data related to you in MÖEL, as well as to access your personal data that MÖEL has.

Right of rectification: You have the right to request that MÖEL rectify your personal data when they are inaccurate or complete them when they are incomplete. If you are registered on our website, it may be easier to correct them directly by modifying your profile.

Right of cancellation / right to be forgotten: you can ask us to cancel your personal data when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

Right of limitation: you have the right to request the limitation of data processing, in which case we will keep them only for the exercise or defense of claims.

Right to portability: you have the right to receive personal data in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format and to transmit them to another person when the treatment is based on a consent or a contract and is carried out by automated means.

Right of objection: you can object to personal data being processed in the public or legitimate interest carried out by MÖEL, including profiling. In this case, MÖEL will no longer process the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons or for the exercise or defense of any claim.

Automated individual decisions: You have the right not to be the subject of a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, that has legal effects on you or has a significant effect on you. However, you cannot exercise this right if the decision: you are required to sign or execute a contract between you and MÖEL; be authorized by the law applicable to MÖEL when establishing appropriate measures to safeguard their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests; or based on your explicit consent.

Right to file a complaint: You have the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.



Cookies are files installed on your computer, phone, tablet or any other device to record your activities during your browsing time on this site
web and / or the MÖEL mobile application ("Web"). Through the use of cookies, it is possible that the web server recognizes the web browser used by the user, allowing, for example, that the registered user accesses areas and services without having to register at each visit. and remember your language, country, etc. preferences For future visits. Cookies are also used to measure the parameters of public and visitor participation, track the number and progress of entries.


The information stored in web cookies is used by Convexprime, lda. ("Möel Concept"), with NIF number 514988975.

Postal address Rua Pedro Vaz de Eça, 6 - Shop A, Parish of Esgueira, Aveiro P-3800-322.

- Telephone: +351 234 032 552

- Email:

The information stored in cookies and managed by third parties is used by third parties listed below.


You can configure your browser at any time by disabling the installation of cookies and eliminating cookies previously installed on your device. By deleting and / or disabling cookies, you may not be able to access certain web functions or your browsing experience may be less satisfactory. Therefore, we recommend that you keep them enabled.

The following is the information you need to delete or configure cookies for each browser:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet explorer




The processing of personal data collected on the site is the responsibility of Convexprime, LDA.

The data collected on this site are necessary for the conclusion and execution of the purchase and sale agreement, are intended for order processing and communication with the User, the processing of requests for information and possible complaints, statistical analysis and evaluation of Satisfaction Providing the information requested under your registration is mandatory and guarantees that the information you provide is true.

If you give your express consent when creating or changing your registration, Convexprime, LDA may send you information about products and services that may be of interest to you by using your personal data for direct marketing purposes through any communication channel, that is, through the use of email, SMS, MMS or other forms of automatic calls.

The Client is recognized, provided that it is duly identified, the right of access to the personal data that concerns it, its rectification or deletion, and the limitation of the processing, or the right to object to the processing, as well as the right to the portability of data. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time with respect to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing actions. You can exercise your rights by:

Mail: in Rua Pedro Vaz de Eça, 6 - Loja A, Freguesia of Esgueira, Aveiro P-3800-322.
Phone calling: +351 234 032 552


All elements of the Möel Concept site, whether visual or sound, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents. They are the exclusive property of Convexprime, LDA.



These general conditions of sale constitute the entire agreement between the interested parties.

In the event that any of the clauses of these conditions is canceled by virtue of a legislative, normative or normative change, this will not affect in any way its validity and respect.


The conditions of sale presented apply to Portuguese law.

For the resolution of any dispute there is always the possibility of resorting to an arbitration body.

The European Union has created a website to help consumers complain about any dispute in which they are involved. In this context, Möel Concept puts at your disposal all the information so that you can exercise your claim right before an official third party that is impartial in the case, who will help you resolve the dispute in question.

Then, if you are not satisfied with the purchase of a good or service on our site, or with the solution we have presented to remedy the situation, you can access this official site main or and raise your dispute.

If the parties do not reach an agreement, any dispute arising out of these General Conditions of Sale will be submitted to the competent Portuguese court.

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